Thanksgiving is not my favorite holiday. It never has been. As a kid, I thought, “Why bother to have a holiday without presents?”. The only kids at the Kid Table at our Thanksgiving were my sister and I. My cousins lived out of town.

I am not even a fan of traditional Thanksgiving food. To me, turkey tastes like chicken and I have chicken all the time. I don’t pour gravy all over my plate like some people. I am more of a purist. I usually don’t use the gravy at all. I have only a polite serving of cranberries. I’d rather drink cranberry juice then eat them boiled with sugar. Thankfully, my family and my husband’s family have never served green bean casserole. That just looks gross to me. Any dish that includes cream of mushroom soup is automatically off my list.

I haven’t watched a whole football game since the Bears won the Super Bowl. I don’t understand football. I don’t know any of the players. I shut off the 10:00 News after the weather report because I have no interest in hearing about what is happening in sports. Unless my kids are playing, I don’t watch them.

I am not a big dessert person. I’d rather drink my calories. The only pie I will eat is apple or chocolate. No pumpkin pie for me. I love the smell, but it’s a texture thing. Everyone makes so many desserts and then tries to get me to take it home. My kids aren’t big dessert people either. We have had a plate of brownies sitting on our counter since Saturday. It hasn’t been touched.

So what is left? Family and a bunch of dishes. This year my sister-in-law is coming with her husband to visit. We haven’t seen them since Memorial Day weekend and are looking forward to having them here. The rest of our guests are over 60. Like me, my kids will be the only ones at the Kid Table. Their cousins live out of town, too.

I don’t think I am alone in my disdain of Thanksgiving. Clearly the retailers don’t like Thanksgiving. Yes, the grocery stores LOVE Thanksgiving. It is one of the busiest weeks of the year for them. However, Thanksgiving is overshadowed by Black Friday – shopping for the next big holiday. All those commercials that play during the football games are for retailers boasting about how early they will be open for Christmas shopping. Thursday’s paper will be filled with ads for Black Friday. And look who is sitting at the end of the Thanksgiving Day Parade – Santa Claus. It is almost like he, too, is saying “Hurry up Thanksgiving. Here comes Christmas!”

Thanksgiving is about being thankful for all your blessings. Don’t get me wrong, I count my blessings everyday. I have a wonderful family, great friends, my health, a successful business and live in a nice house. Any one of those is a blessing by itself. I’m just not a fan of the rest of the traditions.

Happy Thanksgiving and Bah Humbug!