Every year for the past six years, my kids have been visited by three elves. They arrive on December first and stay until they go home with Santa on Christmas Eve. The elves are here to watch the kids and report back to Santa. This morning, they brought Advent Calendars for everyone. The elves are stuffed toys when the kids are around, per Santa’s instructions, but at night, they can do magic, leave gifts, etc. They usually get into mischief that I end up cleaning up myself.

The elves are from North Pole Magic. Six years ago, my friend had an elf party and invited us to start a new tradition with our kids. We got to choose from a boy or girl elf, name it, give it a job at the North Pole and buy many cute “elf” items. Over the years, we have bought the mugs, bowls, pillowcases, candy molds, cookie cutters, reindeer food, etc., etc. They have note cards available for you to write notes on every day. Our elves usually write things like, “Nice job on your spelling test” or “I can’t believe you got four baskets at the game” to show they are watching what the kids are up to.

Our elves have done some crazy things over the years. They have had snowball fights with cotton balls, and threw socks up on the fan and spun them around the family room. They have played hide and go seek, watched movies (especially on nights I am tired), made snowflakes, painted the snow with food coloring, built Legos, played with Barbies and many other things. I have to tell you that coming up with something new this year is going to be challenging. (I am open to ideas!)

It has been a wonderful tradition for my kids, and I plan on buying three more elves to save for their kids. Having the elves here have kept them believing for longer than they normally would have. (Who doesn’t want their kids to remain innocent as long as possible?) Many of their friends have elves, too, which adds to believing longer. My oldest is no longer a believer, and my middle daughter is just hanging on. It is sort of sad to see that part of our life ending. Christmas without the magic is like….Thanksgiving with gifts. At least my son doesn’t question it, yet.