Apparently, I am old. Winter is here and, unlike my kids, I dress for it. I wear long sleeves and socks. I zip up my jacket. I wear gloves. In addition to being old, I guess I am uncool. There comes a time in your life when being cool is cold. I guess my kids haven’t realized that yet.

When I drove a carpool of 7th grade girls to school this morning, I noticed how differently we dressed. Yes, they had their winter coats on (it was 18 degrees), but no gloves or hats. They went from their house to my car and were dropped off in front of the school. I guess they could handle the cold for that short time but what about when they walked home from the bus stop? I was in the car, getting in and out in my garage, and I was wearing gloves. I had my coat zipped up to my chin and the heater cranked. I don’t think my daughter had her coat zipped at all. The other day I picked her up from school on a balmy 30 degree day. She was carrying her coat and was wearing a short sleeved shirt. Brrr! The thought of it has me reaching for my hot cup of coffee!

I was no different when I was their age. I refused to wear a hat because, after spending time curling my straight hair, I didn’t want the hat to ruin it. (Looking back at junior high pictures, I should have used the hat. I don’t think I would have looked any worse!) When I was in junior high, I wanted to walk to school in my gym shoes. I had just gotten really cool Nikes so I wanted to show them off. My parents wouldn’t let me, claiming my feet would be too cold in the snow. They wanted me to wear boots. To school. In 7th grade. I. Don’t. Think. So. I chose, instead, to wear some warm, leather clogs (which I ruined). I had on thin socks that got soaked as I stepped in the unshoveled snow. Why my parents let me go out in the clogs, I will never know.

So the tables have turned. I am the one shivering and telling everyone to put on a sweater. My husband and son walk around in shorts. My son and oldest daughter carry their coat most of the time. I have only convinced my middle child to dress for the weather. She is the one that carries a jacket into the movie theater during the summer so she isn’t chilled by the air conditioner. Of course, she is still in elementary school, so that may change soon.