Adventure is definitely the right word. Fostering kittens is a lot of work. Yes, they are much easier than fostering puppies, but there is a lot of running around that I didn’t expect.

We are on our third batch of kittens in seven weeks. The first batch of six were in the pre-adoption stage, meaning even if they were adopted, they were too small to go home. They don’t release them until they are large enough to be spayed or neutered – 2.2 lbs. I had to run them back and forth to Petsmart when a prospective family wanted to see them. Even if they were adopted, they came back to my house to gain more weight. During that time, they had a bout of worms (typical for kittens) and needed meds. Some of them needed additional meds for the diarrhea that went along with it. We switched their food four times until we found one that was better for their digestive system. You can imagine how often I had to clean out the litter box with all of this going on.

When they were finally large enough, they had to go to the vet to be spayed or neutered. This had to be done in the morning between taking kids to school, but before I started work for the day. The first time I went, the vet was late opening the door and I had to sit outside in my car for 15 minutes. I explained who I was and who the kittens were, but he seemed very scatter brained. I reluctantly left the kittens in his care. Unfortunately, in the world of rescued animals, you go with cheapest and/or newest vet.

Shelters and fosters are all volunteers. I work with two other people. One finds the kittens and passes them on to me. She is also the one that is in charge of their health while with the fosters – ie, the one who supplies the meds, and determines the food they are on. The other one is an adoption coordinator. She calls me to ask me to bring the kittens in for a showing and to coordinate the vet visits. There is a lot of the right hand not talking to the left hand and I am in the middle.

As I said, we are on our third batch. Over Thanksgiving, I had three kittens. One was adopted, but the family was moving over the weekend. The other two have been to three weekend showings, but no one is interested. These kittens are three-months-old now. I guess they are not as cute as the six-week-old kittens!

I picked up four more kittens this week, bringing my total to six again. They came with two new crates because they had to be separated. The one kitten has to be feral. She hates people and spends most of the time hiding under the blanket in her crate. I tried to play with her yesterday, but the result was scratched hands and wrists. The other three have colds in their eyes, so they need eye drops three times a day. They are very scared and hang out in the corner of the crate together. We let them out to play every day, but they just look for a place to hide. They need a lot of TLC before they can be adopted.

A couple days ago, I had one of those crazy after-school shuffles. After working all day, I left the house at 3:00, picked up and dropped off my oldest so she could babysit. I then went into the elementary school to be a girl scout leader. After that, I had to drop the other two at home and go run errands until I picked up my oldest again at 6:30. I asked the kids to take the kittens out to play while they worked on their homework. Fifteen minutes after I left, I got a call from my middle daughter that a kitten was missing. She said it jumped out of her arms and ran under my husband’s desk. Clearly there was nothing I could do from the road, so I told her to leave her alone and she would come out eventually.

I got home an hour later. Still no kitten. I spent the next 15 minutes looking and asking the kids to reenact what happened. Still no kitten. We ate dinner and then looked again – this time all five of us looked. We were in the crawlspace, the closet under the stairs and then upstairs under beds and in corners. The only thing I found were cobwebs and dustbunnies. We even got the vacuum out, hoping the noise would scare her into running out. Nothing. Now what? My husband was not happy, the kids were crying and I had no idea what we were going to do.

I went back to the basement and asked my daughter again what had happened. She told me that she saw the kitten run under my husband’s desk and then she couldn’t find it. I guessed there was a hole in the back of the desk that the kitten got into. Sure enough, when I opened the drawer, there sat the kitten.

There is never a dull moment at our house. Dull moments do not create adventures or memories. It’s crazy moments like this that give you a story to share.