The next two weeks are busy for many people. Of course, everyone has extra shopping, wrapping, baking and socializing due to the holidays. Kids will be out of school, leaving us parents less time to get things done without the kids. We are all still trying to squeeze in our workouts (since we are doing the extra baking and socializing), regular household stuff and all the work that needs to be done before the holiday arrives.

Last night I was sitting on the couch watching some shows I had DVR’d during the week. I really couldn’t relax, thinking about the week ahead. These next two weeks are my busiest weeks at work. I will groom twice as many dogs as I normally groom each week. I have not scheduled in any lunch breaks. Every night my kids have activities and my oldest has a birthday this week, too. I will probably eat dinner standing up in order to get the laundry, dishes, and paperwork done. Once I sit down at the end of the night, I expect that I will fall asleep.

So, how will I get to my reward at the end of the week (Christmas Bunco – adult conversation, food and wine, gift exchange and no kids or dog hair!)? Here is my plan:

1. Take one day at a time
2. Make lots of lists
3. Have a balanced dinner each night (even if I am not sitting down to eat it!)
4. Make “me time” each day
5. Not have too many expectations
6. Spend time with my family talking about our day and, more importantly, listening to what they are telling me
7. Taking deep breaths and letting the little things go
8. Being grateful that I am this busy, that we have our health and a warm bed at the end of the day

Happy Monday!