We moved into our house 13 1/2 years ago. It was a spec home – built on speculation – and had very neutral colors, fixtures and cabinets, and was not exactly our taste. The kitchen was much smaller than we hoped. However, it was move in ready and I was pregnant with our first child. We told ourselves that we would fix it up to our tastes in a few years. Silly us! I guess we forgot we were planning on having more kids and therefore, more expenses. We would save money, just like the couple in UP!, and like them, we spent it on something more important than remodeling. The size of the kitchen did not deter us from hosting countless times over the past 13 plus years, nor did it spoil our love of cooking.

This September, we finally decided that this was the year we were going to remodel the kitchen. We had done some updates a few years ago to hold off until this time – we painted, changed cabinet hardware, faucet and light fixtures. (Please let it be known that my mention of “we” in this paragraph is my husband. I just picked out the stuff I liked. He did the work.) Even with those updates, we noticed that the hardwood floor needed to be refinished and the counter tops, which are out of date, had too many scratches and stains.

After talking to three different cabinet makers, we chose one that we really liked. He sat down with us and helped us to make the most out of our kitchen. Although we are not tearing down any walls or expanding our floorspace in any way, we are still growing our kitchen by nine cabinets and eight drawers! The best part is that we are making it our own – choosing the cabinets, counter, sink, lighting, etc. The appliances have been replaced recently, so they are all staying. We still need to pick out our back splash, light fixtures and paint. My husband is the kind of guy that actually enjoys going with me to pick out stuff like that. That will be our dates for the next two weeks. I can’t wait for it to be finished!

What I am not looking forward to is the construction. Today I am starting to pack everything up. In addition to the kitchen, I have to pack up the dining room. We decided that since we are refinishing the hardwood floors, we might as well put hardwood in the dining room, too. There went my temporary kitchen! So, our family room will become the temporary kitchen. This should be fun! We need to move out one of the couches and set up the kitchen table in its place. The table will hold our “appliances” – microwave, crockpot, small convection oven, mini electric burner, etc. The family room will also be the temporary home to our large appliances, including the still functioning refrigerator. The garage will be filled with the dining room table and china cabinet, boxes and also serve as a work area for the contractor.

The contractor promises they work fast. The cabinets are already built and waiting for us in a warehouse. The granite is picked out and waiting for the footprint of the cabinets. Everything will be back in place except the counters and back splash in two weeks. (Yes, I saw Money Pit, too.) The electrician has already been to the house with the contractor and everyone is on the same page. It sounds like it will be okay.

I just worry about the day to day. My husband and I both work out of the house. My dogs will be crazy with the noise and the people and having things out of place. I think I will be right there with them. When I was a teenager, we expanded our kitchen and put on a room addition. My mom asked me if I remember how crazy it was. I really don’t. I remember bits and pieces. I think it is because I wasn’t the mom in that house. It was her problem. This one is mine.

Don’t get me wrong, I am looking forward to the final results on the dream kitchen we have wanted for a long time. When I got my braces, my dad told me that you have to suffer to be beautiful. I guess that applies to this, too.

Kitchen before we moved in

Another shot of kitchen before we moved in

There is no picture of the table side of the kitchen – sorry. I will post more pics of the updates we did a few years back. Stay tuned for more remodeling posts!