I am almost done packing up my kitchen. I have spent most of yesterday cleaning, emptying and boxing. The hardest part of all of this has been trying to decide what minimal items we can get by with for the next two weeks. I have saved those items – a few bowls, pots, plates, coffee cups and of course, some wine glasses. I grabbed a few utensils, the measuring cup, can opener and a few pieces of Tupperware. The rest went into boxes.

The bare minimum, temporary storage

I had my daughters help me out with the packing. They were not happy that I made them wrap everything individually. I told them that packing fun continues when you unpack. I told them they had to wash everything before putting them back in the cabinets. I think I made their day with that information. My husband moved all the boxes down to the basement and some of the larger items went directly into the crawlspace.

In addition to packing up the kitchen, I had to pack the dining room, too. We are putting hardwood flooring in so the table had to move and china cabinet had to be emptied. That was fun – NOT! I can’t believe how many glasses we had in this cabinet! nMy husband took the table off its base and took the top part off the china cabinet. Piece by piece, it went into the garage. Although we have a three-car garage, my husband will be parking his car outdoors for a few weeks.

Doesn't my dining room table look nice?

The family room has had a face lift, too. It is a more cozy room now, much like those seen in IKEA displays. We moved the couch away from the window and placed our kitchen table behind it. This will serve as our kitchen for now. The stove will be moving into the family room when the demo guys come on Thursday. The refrigerator has to stay plugged in as the one in the garage is unreliable. It is the drink fridge. The bad thing is that the refrigerator will not be connected to the water for the time being. My son was very surprised that the ice maker would not be working.

There are only a few things left to pack. I really don’t know what to do with them. One of the things is our garbage can. It normally goes under the sink. With two dogs, I can’t leave it out. For now, it is still there. I also need to empty out the silverware drawer and the junk drawer. We need those things daily. I might just keep them in the drawer and put the drawers in the laundry room. Another room disturbed by the remodel…. (Please note that I tried to separate these paragraphs, but WordPress is not cooperating!)

I think we are as prepared as possible. We have stocked up on paper plates, cups and bowls to avoid doing dishes. We will be without a sink and dishwasher for a long time. Even after the cabinets are in, the sink cannot go in until the granite is measured, cut and installed. Our “washing station” will be the master bathroom tub. This is currently occupied by our cat’s litter box. I hate to step on the litter pieces, so the tub has solved that problem. Needless to say, the litter box will have to move during our kitchen remodel.

I have to tell you that this minimal kitchen and smaller family room feels just like our first townhouse. We had nothing – just the bare minimum of furniture and kitchen items. It brings back memories of a simpler time and a couple who didn’t know how blessed their lives would be.