Today is my birthday. It is really an uneventful year after turning a zero last year. I never liked that my birthday fell two weeks after Christmas because it often gets lost. By January 8th, everyone is partied out and usually overspent from Christmas. Even when I was young, my own parents ran out of ideas for gifts as they had already bought everything at Christmas. My husband usually gives me gift cards, letting me choose my own thing later. By January 8th, the stores are picked over from Christmas shoppers and the racks are filled with rejects from Christmas returns so I hang on to the gift cards until spring. It is sort of like having a birthday later in the year. (Not really)

So after 40 birthdays of this, I have decided to try something new. No, I am not celebrating in July – on my half birthday – although this has been suggested of my daughter’s December 15th birthday. No, today, after going to my kids games, I am going to buy my own birthday gifts. I don’t know why I didn’t do this before. My Uncle Tom used to buy his own Christmas gift every year. He would wrap it and put it under the tree. He opened it up and actually acted surprised. He said it was the perfect gift. I am not going to go through the pain of wrapping it. I will just buy it and enjoy.

So what’s on my list? Leftover Christmas ideas that I gave to my family. I already purchased 3 Pilates DVDs from Amazon this week. I haven’t been able to find a class in the past several years that works with my schedule. I want new winter pajama pants that actually go to the floor. Having long legs, all my pajama pants fit like capris! I also want the Notebook DVD. (I love that book and the author’s story of getting it published) I asked for that two years in a row. I think it is $9.00 at Target. I should have just bought it myself earlier! Lastly, I am getting myself a yearly subscription to The Writer magazine. I check them out of the library and have to make copies of a page in order to highlight.

That’s it. Nothing too exciting. My new kitchen will be another gift (for my birthday, Mother’s Day, our anniversary and next Christmas) when it is done. I sort of wish it was not torn up for my birthday, but that means I have to go out for dinner instead! That worked out nice!

As I was finishing up this post, my two youngest kids called me out to the family room to show me what they made for my birthday. These early risers played “Happy Birthday” on Wii Music for me. Their thoughtful gift could not be purchased or topped today. I guess they showed me what the perfect gift really is.