This past week has been full of decisions for us regarding this kitchen remodel. I originally thought this would be fun to design and decorate a room from floor to ceiling. However, working from a clean slate is a little stressful.

When we moved here, the house was already build. We didn’t have to pick any of the lights, faucets, sinks, counters, cabinets, carpet, etc. We didn’t even have any grass, let alone landscaping! We had white walls to work with. Over the past 13 years, we have painted, changed lighting, faucets, carpet and landscaped the yard. I have been happy with all the decisions we made.

I think what made that easier was the fact that everything was done a little at a time. We never went into a room, ripped out the floor and ceiling, bought new furniture, lighting, decorations, carpet and painted at the same time. It was always a little bit – new furniture OR new paint OR new carpet. The kitchen is everything at once and I don’t want to make a bad decision because we are stuck with this for awhile.

Color doesn’t scare me. Working in the printing world for 18 years, I feel pretty confident picking colors that compliment each other. Printing colors are talked about in numbers – PMS 185 (Red), PMS 376 (Green), PMS 116 (Yellow). Those same colors in the decorating world are called Desert Sunset, Winter Moss and Lemongrass Breeze. Other than that, it is the same.

I am not one of those people that can’t make a decision. I usually see what I like right away. While we were picking tile for the back splash yesterday, we were helped by a 30-year-old man single man (no ring). I was surprised by how patient he was with us (not to mention knowledgeable) and ran (literally) back and forth across the showroom every time I said “what about…”. Having never bought tile before, I thought we were pretty quick. We were in and out in 45 minutes, including the check out process.

I think that the tradesman are expecting someone to hem and haw for days on these decisions. In a meeting in my empty kitchen this week, my husband and I discussed the lighting with our contractor, carpenter and electrician. I already had in my mind what I wanted. They are putting in can lights and suggested pendant lights over the island. I am not crazy about pendant lights. Whenever I go to someone’s house, everyone naturally flocks around the island to talk. I always find it annoying to stand there while those lights hang at eye level. I simply said, “I don’t want the pendant lights.”. My husband was quickly in agreement and we both decided on an additional three can lights – although smaller – over the island. You would have thought that was the end of it. Nope! We stood there for an hour talking about the placement of the cans and if we even needed them. I said that I would rather have too much light than not enough. We talked about that island lighting for a half hour before agreeing that our original decision was a good one.

On Friday, they are putting down the new hardwood flooring. They will also strip the old floor, which covers the first floor with the exception of the living room and family room. We have to either choose a stain or go with the natural color. Ugh! I have no idea what to do, although I am leaning towards the natural wood. The flooring guy wants to show us all these stains and told us that he could custom blend a color for us. No! Don’t do that! That will open our decision to a trillion other options. Why do they make this harder than it has to be?

So far, I love everything we picked. I have been walking around with paint swatches, wood pieces and granite in my purse for weeks. I think everything will match. Worse case scenario, even if I hate it, I know we can change it in 13 years or so….

Decisions, Decisions