It has been a long, stressful week. The kitchen remodel has been moving along, right on schedule. There have been one to four guys here working on various projects every day. Keep in mind, my husband and I work out of the house. Since we are here, we are asked lots of questions by the contractors. Although that is important, it is not very productive for us. We were forced to leave our house so the floors could be sanded and stained, including installing the new wood in the dining room. Let me tell you, that weekend trip came at the very end of my nerves.

My kids had the day off on Friday and Monday this week so we thought that was the perfect time to get away. However, they had sports practices and games on Friday and Saturday morning so we hung around for part of the flooring. I spent the time packing for the cat, dogs and myself as well as oversee the kids packing. I also had to gather up all the stuff from the two closets that have wooden floors (one is a pantry!) and lay it all in the living room. Our living room was the only room in the house not affected by the remodel. We moved the piano and foyer table in there and draped everything with sheets. The whole time this was going on, you could hear two rapid ka-pow, ka-pows of the nail gun as they worked on installing the new floor. This was accompanied by the alternating hum of the air compressor.

Before the night was through, they started sanding the kitchen floor. No one should be home for this! Dust was everywhere and the noise is deafening. Thankfully, two of my kids left to go to friend’s houses and the other one hid out in the basement. We ran some errands – pick up tile, get plastic for doors, etc. – to get away from it. I wasn’t the only one affected by the noise of the remodel. Our poor cat vomited for three days (all over my bed) and since I had to board him, I brought him to the vet last minute to see if it was anything other than stress. The vet said, “probably not, but here are some meds”. $114.00 later, I was off to retrieve my kids from their friends and pick up dinner.

After dinner, I had the kids start their packing. I reminded them what to take, but did not check things. My son couldn’t find his DS. Not only is it an expensive toy, but there was no way we could drive 200 miles without it. It was found in the armrest of my husband’s car after a 20 minute search. My husband told the girls to pull out their basketball uniforms for the next day’s game. We were leaving right after the games. The next morning, my middle daughter could not find her shirt. Yes, her dad told her to have it pulled out the night before, but apparently, she didn’t listen. In between running the cat to one place at 7:00am and the dogs to another place at 8:00am, I got to look for the shirt while my husband fumed and my daughter cried. It was also lost in the abyss of my husband’s car – in a bag of pinnys in the trunk.

Needless to say, I was fried by the time we left. We weren’t more than 30 miles from home when my oldest daughter announced that she might have left her lava lamp on. My son (who is eight and can’t remember to brush his teeth everyday) swears he saw it on and turned it off. I would have loved to believe this reliable source, but I chose instead to call our floor guy and ask him to go up and check it. Thankfully, it was off. We drove in silence for a little while after that.

The rest of the weekend was very relaxing. We stayed in the Dells at the Wilderness in a great condo. It had a working kitchen and no dust. I was in heaven. When we weren’t in the waterpark, I hung out in front of the fireplace with a glass of wine. We only had a couple more hiccups follow us from home – my son forgot to pack a bathing suit and I forgot some things, too. Thankfully, there was a little store downstairs. With milk at $3.50 for a half gallon, it was a real bargain!

We came home to a finished floor (part one of two) and all the cabinets installed. We watched them unload the cabinets into the garage on Friday morning. They look beautiful! Yesterday we had a few issues – uneven walls and straight cabinets, a tight fit for the refrigerator, a light switch that had to move on the new wall. They came to measure for our granite and we go this week to lay it out on the sheet we picked. Now, our house will be construction free for a week, which is great. I will need that long to clean up all the dust!