I am sitting here this morning in my new kitchen. The coffee is brewing and smells great. My dogs have already been out, but the kids (well, two of the three) are still sleeping so no one is bugging me yet. A kitchen remodel is sort of like pregnancy and childbirth. Everyone is happy for your news and can’t wait to see the baby. They know you are suffering during construction (for both kids and kitchens), but they all encourage you with “wait until the baby (kitchen) comes and you will forget about all the other stuff”. Surprisingly, they were right!

This kitchen is functional now. Not only have we cooked in it, but it has been a workplace for my husband, a homework place for my kids and a writing space for me. I have also folded laundry on my island – something I could never do before. The kitchen is actually bigger and has more walking space. We put hardwood floor in the dining room to extend the kitchen space even more. No one wanted to set foot in a “formal” dining room so we fixed that with more casual furniture and decor. That room needs another couple of weeks for painting and furniture delivery.

All the guys we used were reasonably priced, on time and did great work. We started at Brakur for the cabinets and they lead us to everyone else. If any locals want their names and numbers I will be happy to share.

So let’s see the pictures already! (FYI, the before pics were taken in the afternoon and the after pics were taken at night, so they do look darker. Sorry!)

Fridge Side Before

Fridge Side After

A full length shot of fridge cabinet

Dishwasher Area Before

Dishwasher Area After

Sink Area Before

Sink Area After

Stove Area Before

Stove Area After

Left Corner Before

Left Corner After

Right Corner Before

Right Corner After

Our Sad Little Island Before

Who Says Size Doesn't Matter?

Stove Side of Island

Fridge Side of Island

Come by and see it for yourself. The wine will be waiting!