I am amazed by the simple products that people come up with and often ask myself, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Items that come to mind – the cardboard sleeve that goes over hot coffee cups, the little seat cover that goes in shopping carts for babies and toddlers, Silly Bandz or any of the crazy kid fads – the list goes on. A few weeks ago, I discovered another one that a customer showed me.

This product is called Port-A-Poo and does exactly what it says. It is a cute plastic bone that you attach to your dog’s leash. Instead of having to carry a bag after you pick up from your dog, you attach it to the Port-A-Poo, and enjoy the rest of your walk hands free. It is a wonderful idea for those of us that have more than one dog. With a leash in both hands, how do you carry the poop bag? I usually have to hold both leashes with one hand and the bag(s) in another. It is not ideal since my dogs’ combined weight is more than what I weigh. I swear I have one arm that is now longer than the other.

I not only love the idea of the product, I love that that it was invented out of need. The couple that invented it have eight rescue dogs. However, even with the Port-A-Poo, I am not sure how you walk eight dogs and pick up after them. Even better, the inventor donates a portion of the profits to dogs in need. I love their slogan, too – “Picking up where your dog left off”. Too funny!

Check out the Port-A-Poo website and find a retailer near you.