I just finished a great book! While sitting at my son’s basketball game, a friend told me she had just finished Who’s Alice and told me that the author, Lisa Genova, just finished another book. Although I have a Nook, I decided to buy the book. Based on how much I liked the first book, I thought it would be one of those books that gets passed around from friend to friend.

I read it in 5 days and I loved it! It is one of those easy reads that keeps you up reading until way past your bedtime. It is not one of those books that spends pages and pages describing the scenery or uses the vocabulary of a English professor. The book has a lesson, but it doesn’t beat you up about it. You can take away whatever you like from it.

The book is called Left Neglected. Sarah Nickerson is a married, mother of three who has a Harvard MBA and works 70 to 80 hour weeks at her job as a vice president of human relations. As you can imagine, she spends little time with her family and although she regrets it, cannot change things. They have grown into her salary and their lifestyle relies on it. She is constantly multi tasking to balance her precarious life. Her texting-while-driving causes a car accident that will change her whole life. The accident reunites her with her estranged mother and gives her a chance to look at what is really important. It is a wake up call to all of us that think we can’t live without our routines and material things.

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