Do you remember the scene in It’s A Wonderful Life, where, after a long day at work, George Bailey pulls the decorative knob off the newel post while going up the stairs? It’s one of those many things you plan on fixing, but never get to. I bet we have a dozen of those things in our house.

For example, we always seem to have a light bulb out. However, we rarely replace just that one. We just make a mental note of it, usually while sighing, and go on with our day. The outdoor garage lights go out constantly. Last time he went out of town for work, my husband noticed one of them was out. When he got home at the end of the week, he found that another one went out. I think that is why we wait on the light bulbs. It is almost as if there is a little inside joke going on among the light bulbs.

Kitchen light bulb: “Okay, here is the deal. I am going to go out first because I am in the kitchen and they see me everyday. The next day, one of the garage lights should go out.”
Garage light bulb: “No problem. It’s cold and rainy and they dread changing us. That will teach them to replace us with green and red bulbs during Christmas.”
Closet light bulb: “I’ll flicker like I always do and take my time to turn on. They won’t replace me because just when they are thinking about it, I will work normal for a week until the thought leaves their mind.”
Hallway light bulb: “I’ll go out next because I am near the kids’ rooms and they will be afraid to walk into the hall after dark. That should get them to change us.”
Basement lightbulb: “A couple of us will go out just to see how many it will take before they actually get around to replacing all of us.”
Garage lightbulb 2: “Then I will go out right after he makes the rounds to replace you guys. It will be hysterical!”

We have a cabinet in the master bathroom where we keep the garbage can. It has a hinge with a loose screw that works itself out every six months. When that happens, the top of the cabinet door comes out of the cabinet every time you open the door. It is so annoying because when the door is shut, it looks normal and we have forgotten all about it. However, when I casually and absentmindedly open the door to throw something out, I am jerked back to reality as the door falls into my hand. It is probably only a five minute job to fix, but weeks and weeks go by with it broken because once we shut the door, it is already out of our mind.

We don’t have a fenced yard so my dogs are on leashes that are staked into the ground. As you can imagine, these leashes get tangled as the dogs walk around the yard and back up to the door. Again, it is a job that takes less than five minutes to fix, but we always put it off. It is usually a rainy or -20 degree day that we end up untangling the leashes that are so tangled that the dogs have to walk like conjoined twins. Why not just untangle them every day? I don’t have an excuse – just give me a minute…

Why can’t I find the extra five or ten minutes each day to fix all these things? I bet if you asked a busy mom what she would do with an extra five or ten minutes during the day, changing light bulbs and fixing broken cabinet doors would be at the top of the list.