Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day
Monday, Monday, sometimes it just turns out that way…

Songwriter – John Phillips

It is no surprise that after late nights, early mornings and bad meals on the run, my oldest daughter was home sick yesterday and today. I’m sure that walking home from the bus without a coat when it was 40 degrees and raining did not help!

Why can’t we figure out a way to schedule sickness? We could prearrange the date with the schools, work and the doctor. We could stock the house with medicine and the food and drinks that you always seem to be out of when you need it.

Instead, I had to run around like a chicken with my head cut off! I had to call the driver of her 6:30am carpool, email her chorus teacher and track coach and call the absence line at school. I then had to wait another 2 1/2 hours for the doctor’s office to open to try to schedule her appointment. Why can’t they get their scheduling staff in there earlier? It is very hard to throw your day into a tailspin after 8:30. My husband and I both work out of the house, but our day is filled with appointments. Lucky for me, he had a day of paperwork and emails planned so he could take her. (Turns out she is negative for Strep, but has a nasty cold!)

On top of that unplanned part of my day, the rest of my Monday morning, was very Monday-morningish. When we are trying to sort out a time for the doctor’s appointment, my husband asked me if I could pick him up from Firestone for a scheduled maintenance on his car. Scheduled maintenance? It wasn’t on my schedule. We settled on going early before school and would pick up the car later. Five minutes before we left for Firestone, my middle daughter asked me to help her with her homework. We were leaving for school in 30 minutes. Why didn’t she do that over the weekend? Oh, I guess she was too busy with her two birthday parties! Ugh! I told her I didn’t have time to help her and she would have to figure it out (which she did).

When we got back, my friend called and offered to take the kids to school. (Thanks, Tracey!) It gave me time for a quick breakfast before my first appointment. However, that person never showed up. By then, my husband’s car was done and I ran him back to Firestone. I ran two quick errands while I was out and then rushed home for the next appointment. Guess who didn’t show up? Aggravated from Monday’s wrath, I wrote a quick email to all my customers telling them that I will start sending appointment reminders via text and gave them my summer schedule. I got over twenty responses to that email – people prebooking for their summer appointments. (Thank you!) Two missed appointments and twenty new ones gained. Not bad!

The upside to Monday was that since my oldest was home sick, there was no early morning chorus and no after school track. Softball was canceled and the sun came out for soccer. We had leftovers from the family birthday party on Sunday so I didn’t have to cook. I ended the night with a bubble bath and a new magazine.

Final score – Monday 5; Pam 7. Good try Monday! Better luck next week!