There are a couple things that I failed at teaching my children. I find that even though I say it over and over, it either gets done wrong, or not at all. The other day I held a one day seminar for my children. It was a refresher course for these three important lessons that they obviously are having trouble with. I decided to share the seminar in case your children (or maybe even your husband) could benefit from it.

1. Garbage/Recycling
Food and straw wrappers, yogurt cups, banana peels, empty pop cans and water bottles, crumpled up paper, empty envelopes and the envelope pieces, anything that is broken beyond repair. These are some examples of garbage and/or recycling. Our house has a garbage can in most rooms and the recycling bins are kept in the garage. Any item that once held food or is food should not be thrown in any garbage can other than the kitchen. We have dogs. They are clearly starving. Food in bedroom garbages equals garbage on the floor and barf a few feet away. The kitchen garbage can is hidden under the sink. It is a unique place for a garbage can, I know. Make sure your garbage makes it in the can. Dropping it near the can on the cabinet floor does not count. If the garbage can is full, please bring the whole garbage bag out to the garbage cans in the garage. Please replace the bag for the next person. You can tell it is full when the garbage you place in the can falls on the floor. Also, neither one of our cars have a garbage can. Please take your garbage with you when you exit the vehicle. Important: Garbage should not be left on counters, nightstands and in couch cushions. There is no garbage fairy that will come and take it away.

2. Toilet Paper
Changing a roll of toilet paper does not require any permission, special skills or a college degree. The toilet paper is hanging on a spring loaded bar in the holder. By simply pushing one end of the bar into the center, the bar comes off of the holder. You can then place the empty roll in the garbage (see step one). The new toilet paper rolls are kept under the sink in all bathrooms. This convenient location makes the toilet paper accessible from a seated position. Take the new roll and slide it onto the spring loaded bar. Place one end of the bar into the holder, push in the end of the bar as you did to remove it and place it into the remaining side of the holder. Kleenix is used to blow your nose or remove make up. It is not toilet paper and should only be used if the Toilet Paper Fairy forgot to stock the cabinet.

3. Cereal Boxes
The cereal is stored in boxes that have tabs to keep it closed when not in use. There is also a plastic bag inside that helps keep the cereal from getting stale. In our case, the cereal boxes are stored on their side so the bag and box top tabs keep the cereal from falling all over the pantry floor. When a new box of cereal is opened, carefully unglue the sealed box. Thankfully, no one in our house is starving (unless you count the dogs) so there is no need to rip open the top of the box, making the tabs useless. The same can be said for the plastic bag. Please do not rip the bag open with such force that it rips down the side. It will never stay fresh that way. When you are done using the cereal, please roll down the bag inside and carefully close the tabs. Important: Return the cereal where you found it. It does not have legs to walk itself back to the pantry shelf. If you have used the last of the cereal or there are only a few pieces left in the bag, please do not return it to the shelf. It should be placed in the recycling bins in the garage. Also, if you see a box that has a small amount of cereal in it, please use that up before opening a new box.

I hope my kids will benefit from this course and won’t embarrass themselves and ultimately, me, later on in life. Please feel free to share this refresher course with your kids and/or husband.