I just saw this You Tube video about a family of three that lives in a 320 square foot shotgun shack. Yes, that is right, 320 square feet. They are small business owners who downsized from a 2,000 square foot home in order to have no mortgage. They have two less people than my family, but even with doubling the space to 640 square feet, I don’t think my family could do it.

Obviously, they downsized A LOT. You enter the house into the living room. The couch is actually a bench with pillows and a cabinet that holds their microwave, coffee maker and canned goods. The kitchen has a full sized fridge, smaller stove/oven and four or five cabinets plus a sink. There is no dishwasher and the washer and dryer are stacked next to the sink. They have a small table that seats four. The next room is the hallway which also serves as the bathroom. The shower opens directly into the hallway (it is not in its own little room). If someone is brushing their teeth at the sink, there is not room for someone to pass them in the hall. Thankfully, the toilet is in its own room!

The master bedroom has a full sized bed and a dresser that is really a large night stand. It has four drawers and the whole family shares it. They also can put their clothes in a shared walk in closet that serves as the stair way to the loft. In addition, the master bedroom has a computer closet where they homeschool their son. Their son sleeps in the loft upstairs which he cannot stand up in it.

They work next door in another small building which also serves as their storage space. The video takes you inside and honestly, I don’t know how they work in such tight quarters!

They are very organized and make the most of the small space they live in. I have to give them that. Cleaning the house must take just minutes. And it’s paid for. Can’t beat that! However, they obviously don’t save memorabilia. (I’m not really sure why we saved the engraved knives we used to cut our wedding cake, but we have them just in case!) I guess they don’t do Extreme Couponing either. There is no place for a Christmas tree. I can’t imagine where they put the litter box for the cat!

Call me gluttonous, but I like my stuff. I’m sure we could live without most of it, but why? Yes, European homes are much smaller. I think those IKEA displays are really cute – for a single person. Sure, I would love to have the house paid off. Who wouldn’t? The trade off for me is not worth it.

We are not the super humans that they appear to be. I guess they never fight or need privacy. Since they homeschool and work next door, they are ALWAYS together. My family needs a place to get away from each other sometimes. We need a place to save the junk that was special to us at one time – scrapbooks, christening gowns, kid’s handprints, etc. Those items bring memories to life again. I like having the ability to walk out of my shower without having my son standing right there.
My mom always said, “Different strokes for different folks”. I guess that applies here.