As I mentioned earlier, my husband and I are in a Wine Appreciation Group at our church. Every month someone hosts the wine tasting at their house. It is the host’s choice on the type of wine we will be tasting. Our friends, Ruth and John, hosted last week and chose “Funny Sounding Reds”. Not only did we judge the wine on taste, there were also prizes for best wine name.

Normally, we do not know the names of the wine when we are tasting them. They are usually revealed to us after the wine tasting. This time, we received a sheet of paper with all the names of the wines. The wine was served under “number X” and we had to rate the wine and guess the name of the wine. Here are the names of the wines we tasted:

Sinister Hand
Murphy’s Law
Wrongo Dongo
Royal Bitch
3 Blind Moose
Rocky Gully
Menage a Trois
Gnarly Head
El Bastardo
and ?

We brought the ? wine.

When we hosted in March, someone brought the El Bastardo and it was voted third place. However, I don’t think anyone could pick it out in the tasting. I think the most correct “guesses” was two. A lot of these wines were blends, so they were not easy to pin point when tasting.

So who won? The best three are listed below:
Bitch – 2009 Aragon Grenache
IL Bastardo – 2009 Sangiovese di Toscana
Rocky Gully – 2008 Shraz Viognier

The best name was Wrongo Dongo.

Personally, I didn’t really like any of the wines. My husband kept a rate sheet, but I opted out of it this time. I am not a big red wine lover and I think I would have rated them pretty low. There is one wine that we liked the most this tasting. It was called Plungerhead – a Zinfandel.

If you decide to sample any of these wines yourself, let me know how you liked them. Next month – Chardonnay!