My daughter has been bit by the fashion bug. I might add that she is 11 and her former thought on fashion included a clean softball tournament shirt and a pair of sweatpants that were not too stained. Enter middle school.

A week before school started, my ponytail clad daughter got her hair cut. She requested “side bangs”, which was easy to do with all the damage done by the ponytail. In the past, she would put her unbrushed hair in a ponytail and leave it in until her next shower. I was always bugging her to brush it, her dad called it a rat’s nest and her 13-year-old sister threatened to disown her once she got to middle school. So a week before school, she started wearing it down and brushing it every day. She even accessorized her hair and used a flat iron daily. We were all pleased, including her friends, but secretly wondered what changed her mind.

At the beginning of the summer, I asked my kids to go through their closets and drawers and see what summer clothes they needed. Her answer – nothing. She had a few pairs of shorts that she wore all summer and of course, plenty of softball shirts. She was set.

The day before school started, my mom took the kids shopping for an outfit for school. Much to my 13-year-old’s dismay, my 11-year-old picked the same thing her sister did. She wore the shirt on the first day of school. She had her hair down and she wore earrings. Earrings? That was new. Most of the time her pierced ears were naked because earrings cannot be worn when playing sports. Needless to say, she looked very nice and we told her so. She brushed it off and headed out for her first day of middle school.

That night at 8:00, she frantically ran through her room for something to wear the next day. She declared all her clothes “stupid and ugly”. She headed for her sister’s closet. After much negotiating and whining and a pile of discarded clothes, the girls found an outfit for my 11-year-old to wear. Get this! It was a skirt! What? Now we were really going too far. The last time my daughter wore a skirt or dress voluntarily was when she was in preschool. I had to take a picture of her for my husband (who was out of town) because he didn’t believe me when I told him.

Tuesday came and went. At 4:30 after the second day of school, my 11-year-old wanted to go to the store again. What? Shopping twice in one week? Okay, I had one hour between picking up from cross country and driving to soccer. Off we went. She got a dozen new shirts and more jewelry – this time necklaces AND earrings. I have to say, they were all really cute!

I think we are set for the rest of the week, but she has already hinted about a trip to the mall this weekend. I guess our butterfly has emerged!