About 6 weeks ago, I broke the hinge on my dog grooming clipper. No fear. I had a backup clipper. I decided I would order a new hinge later and use the backup clipper in the meantime. I put off ordering the part because they have a minimum order of $60.00. My plan was to go through my inventory and see what else I needed – tomorrow. Well, tomorrow turned into next week and so on. Flash forward a couple weeks. I was grooming a dog with my backup clippers when they just stopped working. I turned the switch on and off and nothing happened.

Thankfully, I could scissor cut the rest of the dog. I still had one more dog to groom that day, and luckily, I had an hour between dogs. I ran over to Petsmart to find a new clipper. Petsmart is not where groomers shop, so they only had the layman’s version of dog clippers. Yes, they are cheaper, but they are also slower. It got me through the rest of the day and the next couple weeks. Knowing I had no back up, I finally got my act together and bought the parts I needed.

I knew I broke the hinge on the one clipper, but I had no idea what was wrong with the one that stopped working. After spending some time online reading about dog clipper maintenance (great for insomniacs), I took a guess as to what was wrong with the other clipper. I ordered what I needed and waited for the parts to arrive. UPS delivered the package on Wednesday.

Normally, I would have asked my husband to fix the clippers for me. It’s not that I am incapable. In my former life working in printing, I would troubleshoot and fix both Mac and PC computers. I have replaced my own harddrives, fan motors and memory cards. I worked on several film and plate processors and changed out parts. It was often easier to fix it myself than to have to wait for a service call. Many parts come with directions. It is not that hard.

Then why ask my husband to do it? Over the years that we have been married and more so after we became parents, we have learned to divide and conquer. The jobs just fell to the person that did it the best. My husband is capable of washing his own laundry, but I do it for him. I am capable of getting my oil changed, but he takes my car in for me. Before we married, we did those things ourselves.

On Wednesday, my husband was traveling. I had a break between dogs, so I decided to try to fix the clippers myself. The broken hinge was the easy one. It did not come with directions, but it probably should have. There is a tiny (3/16”) spring under the hinge that I couldn’t see. When I cleaned out the hair over the garbage can, I heard it drop. It would have been helpful to know that spring was there. I dug the spring out of the garbage, replaced the hinge assembly and we were back in business.

The other clipper was a little more challenging because I didn’t know what was wrong with it. I guessed that it was the blade drive assembly lever based on what I read online. To get to that part, I had to take apart the whole clipper including the hinge and case. The on/off switch fell out when I took the case off – minor problem. While it was apart, I cleaned up the pieces of hair, replaced the parts and put it all back together. I walked over to the electrical outlet and plugged it in. AND IT WORKED!

I’m telling you. It really doesn’t take much to make me happy. I let out a yell and jumped up and down as if I just won the lottery! Bring on the busy grooming season. I have three working clippers!