I am eligible for a new cell phone next month. Currently, I have a Samsung keyboard slider phone. I like it because it fits in my front pocket and I can easily text with the keyboard. I can check the time. I can receive calls. What else do I need?

My phone does not have internet access and most of the time, I don’t need it anyway. I have a GPS in my car. I have an iPod touch that I carry in my purse for games and music. (If my kids use it for entertainment while we are out, at least they are not wearing down my phone battery!) My current phone has a camera (which I never use) and I carry a small camera in my purse from my Girl Scout Leader days. I don’t keep an electronic calendar. I have to keep track of my work calendar, my husband’s travel plans and a social calendar for five. It is much easier for my family to look at the desk calendar that hangs on the wall instead of invading my phone or computer.

I think my reluctance to get a phone with internet access comes from watching others with Smartphones. These are the people that drive me crazy:
1. Those that have to check in on Facebook every time they get to a restaurant or store.
2. Those that update their virtual friends with a play by play of the concert or party. Live in the moment!
3. The sports obsessed who check scores all night. Maybe they should have stayed home and watched the game.
4. The fact checkers who need to find out how many films Harrison Ford starred in because someone brought it up during dinner. Live with a little mystery in your life!
5. The afterhours business email checkers. What is so important that it can’t wait until tomorrow?

What are the benefits of a Smartphone? It would be nice to be able to have access to my email sometimes. There have been occasions that would have saved me time if I could have looked back at an email and got information. Transferring money at the bank while in mid shopping trip would be a nice feature. Umm, after that, I can’t come up with another reason.

So Smartphone users, please tell me why you love your phone and why you could never go back to a simple keyboard slider phone.
1. Which is better? Droids or iPhones?
2. How do you carry your phone? Pocket? Buried at bottom of purse?
3. Do you have an electronic calendar and if so, how to you sync and not share all the appointments that do not affect the other person (i.e., your work appointments)? How do your teenage kids read the calendar to see if the chauffer is available to drive them?

For all our technical advances, I wonder if cell phones have gone overboard. Do we need to be in touch with the world at large? Are we that important that we can’t wait to get information until we get home or back to the office? Was it so bad to stop and ask for directions? Do we need to entertain ourselves all the time? What is wrong with looking out the window or people watching? Why can’t we live without a Smartphone?