I have never been successful with my New Year’s Resolutions. I usually start to falter on them by February and by March, I am done. I am much better with giving something up for Lent. Maybe the difference is the time frame – 6 weeks verses 52. To me, a New Year’s Resolution means a permanent change and Lent is for a bad habit that you give up for a short time. I know more people that make a change for the better with Lenten sacrifices than with New Year’s Resolutions.

My failed Resolutions included more exercise, less yelling, less swearing, setting up plans with “Christmas Card friends”, keeping up on paperwork, making meals every night and several other ambitious plans. Last year I planned to read classic novels all year. I love to read so this sounded easy. The problem was, they didn’t interest me and I could not see any results in my efforts. At least if you are exercising, dieting or cleaning out junk, you can see you have accomplished something.

This year was different. I left it sort of vague. My plan was to complete all the projects that I had started and/or projects that I have wanted to complete for a long time. I gave myself the year to get them all done. I did not make a list, which is very unlike me. I felt a list would be overwhelming to look at. I know what needs to be done. I can’t imagine I will ever say, “It’s Saturday and I don’t have a single thing to do. I wish I made a list of projects.” The projects have been staring me in the face for months and sometimes years.

I have been pretty successful. I have cleaned out the crawlspace again. Two years ago, we had it cemented over and were forced to pull everything out of it. We bought Rubbermaid boxes and shelving and put it all away in an organized manner. Sadly, over the past 2 years, it got sort of messy again. I put away the things that got out of hand, bought more storage bins (including those that hold ornaments!) and labeled everything. It looks great!

I also updated my address book. I had so many people that had moved, passed on, etc. and it was a mess. Part of the updating also included getting my Christmas card list in order for next year. Spin off projects that still need to be worked on are updating my cell phone contacts and my email address book.

I ordered all my pictures from 2011 and bought photo albums. (The next project is to put them in the albums.) For you overachievers, I am sure it is no big deal. However, I still have parts of years not printed out. I am up to date on backing up my digital pictures, which includes a second back up that I took to the safe deposit box. Slowly, I am getting everything put away. A project down the road includes finishing scanning the before-digital-pics and backing them up.

The video projects are next. I want to finish copying all the digital video to DVDs and then start with the VHS tapes. I am so behind on that, but by doing a little every day I am at least moving forward. I took a video of the whole house and garage for insurance purposes. It is on DVD and safely filed in the safe deposit box. It was something that I planned on doing for a long time. However, I didn’t want to video a house with unmade beds and dirty dishes, so I had to wait until the whole house was clean. God forbid the insurance people saw our messy house!

I still have plenty of things to finish up before 2013, but I am excited that I am still going strong with my Resolution. My only concern is that maybe I have spoken too soon. Like I said earlier, I did well during Lent because it is only for 6 weeks. Maybe I should see how well I am doing at the end of next month.