I like to save things. Not in a crazy, hoarder type way, but if I see something I like, I hang onto it. I am constantly ripping articles out of the newspaper and magazines because I thought they were interesting. If I find something online that interests me, I print it out. I have a couple of scrapbooks and a box full of emails, jokes, poems, short stories, fortunes from fortune cookies and anything else that inspires me. I have binders full of recipes that sounded great (I have only tried about 10% of them). The only problem with saving all these things is that there is not much organization to shoving them in boxes and binders. I often forget where I put that great Halloween decorating idea from the year before.

Earlier in the week, my friend, Amy asked me if I was on Pinterest. I had no idea what that was. She explained that it was like a virtual corkboard where you can Pin items from the internet – inspiring quotes, recipes, travel destinations, crafts, home décor, etc. That way, the things are all in one place and can be organized into categories. It sounded like it was right up my alley. You can also connect with friends and see what they are into and Repin what is already out there.

Pinterest is by invitation only, so Amy sent me an invite through Facebook. She warned me that it is a bigger time waster than Facebook and that even after a few days of use she may need an intervention. It is pretty user friendly. You set up a board that you name – Quotes, My Style, Books I’ve Read, etc. and then start finding the things that interest you. I pinned some quotes and recipes and set up a now empty board for books. I spent about an hour or so the first night. Since then I have been on and off between customers during the day.

One of the features I like about Pinterest is that you can save pictures or articles to plan a room remodel. My next project is the family room and I have been looking on and off for pictures of fireplaces. Ours needs a makeover! When that happens, we will need new paint, furniture and window treatments. (Don’t you love how that snowballs!) Before Pinterest, I just printed out pictures I liked and stuck them in a folder.

In my own mind, I have justified hours wasted looking at other peoples’ interests because I am saving paper and ink printing out the things that I like. And, I found a recipe that I am going to try this weekend. See, I bet if you join Pinterest, you will find ways to justify wasting time online, too!