I love giving and receiving gift cards. My friend, Nancy, calls them “free money”. My kids especially like gift cards because they can get what they want. Gift cards are a great gift for teenagers, for people whose taste you don’t know well (if you think you know it, you are usually wrong) and for the person that has everything.

Some people don’t like gift cards. They think buying them does not put any effort into giving a gift, especially with gift card malls in grocery and drug stores. I disagree. I think that if you pick a place that you know they like, they will appreciate the gift. It is soooooo much better than buying something they don’t like or that doesn’t fit and having them return it. What make matters worse are those that don’t include gift receipts or buy a gift at cute little boutiques that have a 7 day return policy. Ditto for the bargain shoppers that buy items on clearance that can’t be returned. Yes, it’s the thought that counts but when they can’t use your gift, it’s not very thoughtful.

Not all gift cards are good gifts. If you get someone a gift card to a store that you like, but they don’t, it is the same problem. Sadly, you can’t return gift cards, but there is a way to “exchange” the gift card. In the past, I have sold gift cards on eBay. (Is there anything you can’t sell on eBay?) People buy gift cards on eBay because it is like getting a percentage off their future purchase and if they combine it with a store coupon, they are getting an even bigger bargain. Based on my experience, you can get between 75 and 90% of the cards value. Sadly, not every gift card sells.

Yesterday, I read about Plastic Jungle. They will buy back your gift card for a discount and resell them to someone else. Plastic Jungle also accepts merchandise return cards from some retailers. The minimum card value must be at least $25.00 but they do not need to be for the full amount listed on the card – for example, $31.75 on a $50.00 card. The site is very user friendly and I quickly sold two of the three cards I had. (Sadly, the last was only for $10 so they wouldn’t buy it.)

Payment options are check, PayPal deposit or Amazon gift card. The Amazon gift card is a $1 or more extra so I took that as one of my payments as there is a book I want to order for the same amount. You have to ship the card to Plastic Jungle but they provide a postage paid label for you to use. As soon as they get your gift card, they pay you. Very simple!