Did you ever have one of those weeks where you look at your calendar and wonder how it’s all going to work out? I am having one of those weeks. On Sunday, my husband and I stood in the kitchen and looked at our two work calendars and the family calendar. We took it day by day and tried to figure out who would be there to take the kids to all their activities. Between the two of us and relying on carpools, it is 90% organized. For the other 10% we will have to wing it. What can we do? We are at a crazy time of our lives.

I know the empty nesters are saying, “Enjoy this time. It goes so fast.” I know. It was just yesterday that I was a mom with three kids, 4 and under. As I was stressing over daycare, baths, diapers and the terrible twos, the people with teenagers were saying, “Enjoy this time. It goes so fast.” In the heat of the moment, time moves a lot slower than it does for those with older kids strolling down memory lane. Isn’t it funny how when you see a pregnant friend only a few times during her pregnancy, you think, “This pregnancy is going so fast.” I am sure you will get another perspective from the woman herself.

That’s the problem. In the heat of it, parents are so busy getting from moment to moment that it is long over before they can enjoy it. I try to slow down and live in the moment. When my kids are at a sporting event or concert, I am sitting on the aisle snapping pictures and taking video. (Of course, they are all piling up on my computer now.) We eat dinner together most nights. (So what if it is drive thru food in the car on the way to and from practice.) I always give my kids time to talk to me about their day, (Although everyone is usually talking at once and interrupting each other.)

So it’s not perfect. But you know what? Perfect is boring. What kind of stories are you going to tell your friends at Bunco? Who wants to read a blog that talks about how they figured it all out? That’s just showing off. The good stories and the happy memories are in the chaos. When the next generation is up to bat, you want to be able to make them laugh at your experiences when they really feel like crying. Tell them that you, too, made mistakes and yet, everyone survived. And yes, for a while, it gets worse before it gets better.

As the sun comes up this morning, I am reminded that time moves at the same pace each day. We may be running from sunrise to sunset (and beyond), but we still only get 24 hours in a day. Lao Tzu said, “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” I wonder if he had any kids.