I was sitting in the dentist’s waiting room while my son got his teeth cleaned. While reading one of the many writing books I own, I decided to try out some of the writing prompts. One of them was to write about all the places I have lived. In my 42 years, I have lived in 6 homes – only 4 of which I remember. This was going to be a short writing lesson.

I had no idea what to say about these homes, so I just started to write a list and compare things about the homes. What I came up with was pretty interesting.

Here is my list of facts:
1. Of the six homes I have lived in, 1 was a duplex, 1 was a townhouse, 4 were single family homes.
2. I have never lived in an apartment or condo.
3. I have lived in 4 cities and 2 villages
4. Of those towns, 4 of the names ended in “ville”
5. The longest time I have every lived in one place is 19 years.
6. The shortest time was less than 6 months.
7. I have lived in 2 states.
8. The house I currently live in is the only time I have lived on the odd side of the street.
9. I have lived on 2 Lanes, 1 Avenue, 1 Court, 1 Drive and 1 Street

I thought this was a perfect project for a Friday – something to do while waiting for the weekend to arrive. If you have a few minutes today, in between checking out posts on Facebook or playing Words with Friends, jot down the places you have lived and compare them. You may be surprised at what you find.