Please allow me to brag a minute. I am not talking about my kids or my writing or my cooking. I want to brag about my garden. Two and a half weeks ago, my son and I planted green onions, sweet peppers, zucchini, sugar snap peas, rosemary, basil, spinach and romaine lettuce in a little seed starter kit. These plants will eventually be placed in pots on my deck or in my garden. I normally purchase all my vegetable plants in 3” pots, but I wanted to try seeds this year. I am happy to report that they are doing great!

This has been so interesting to watch. I feel like a kindergartener who planted a bean seed in a Styrofoam cup. My son and I check on them every day and have been tracking their growth on a little journal that we keep next to the plants. The first signs of plants (lettuce, spinach and peas) were visible in 5 short days! It is amazing to see Mother Nature do her thing. While it is gray and cold outside, these plants are thriving in our little basement nursery.

When I bought the seeds, I also purchased a fluorescent desk lamp that is their light source, although they get some natural light from the window. The lamp does not cover the whole nursery so I have to turn it halfway through the day. After an hour or so, the plants outside of the light bend toward the warmth and glow of the lamp. Their movement reminds me that they are very much alive.

The plants have a very calming effect on me. Their slow but steady growth keeps me grounded as if they are saying, “What’s the rush? “ It is sometimes the simple things in life that teach you the biggest lessons.

Things my seedlings have taught me:

1. If you keep looking in the direction of the light, you will get where you want to go.
2. Nourish yourself with clean water and healthy foods for optimum growth.
3. Not all seeds from the same package grow alike. Sadly, some don’t grow at all.
4. Having a cool drink with a seat by the window is a nice way to pass the time.
5. Not matter how many books you read or what advice you are given, you know what is best for your plants.
6. Your garden is your unique experience. Enjoy the process. You will get more out of it than fresh vegetables.