When the alarm went off today for what seemed like the millionth day in a row, I fantasized about having a whole day with nothing to do. In the first years of our marriage, I had a lot of weekends like that. No plans. No reason to set the alarm. No one needed a ride. I didn’t have to get up to let the dogs out. I could just sleep in and do whatever I wanted to do.

I remember one Sunday morning when my husband was working retail. He had a 6am to noon shift. I slept through his entire shift and was just getting out of bed when he got home. I slept away a whole morning. I would never do that now. First, I don’t have that opportunity anymore. Plus, I like the mornings and my back will not let me lay in bed for more than 7 hours.

I still fantasize about it. It goes something like this:

I don’t have to set the alarm. I wake up after a good night’s rest, not because I have to pee or that the dogs need to go out, but because I got enough sleep. My dogs, which have been let out by someone else, greet me as I head down the stairs. My husband is already waiting in the kitchen with a latte from Starbucks (good timing, it is still hot). My kids are up and dressed with made beds and clean rooms. There are no dishes in the sink or dog hair on the carpet. Everyone has arranged their own rides for whatever activities they are in or better yet, there are no activities. They just entertain themselves!

I take my coffee out on the deck where the sun is shining. I sit and read my book for an hour while the dogs lay at my feet and my husband sits next to me. I debate whether I should shower or make it a pajama day, but the promise of hot water and a clean bathroom are too tempting. After my shower, I find exactly what I want to wear in the closet (which is also clean and organized).

I spend some time checking off a few little things from my to-do list (so I feel somewhat productive), before my husband suggests we go to Portillos for lunch. I come home to write a little in the peace of my bedroom (where someone has made the bed). My kids come in and suggest we play a board game. We eat cheese and crackers and laugh at our luck while playing the game. I suggest a family bike ride, but only my husband wants to go (which is fact, not fantasy). It is fine with me as they never want to go very far. After our ride, my husband pours me a glass of wine and I sit and talk to him while he makes our dinner. We all eat together without rushing. Everyone changes into their pajamas and we find a movie that we will all enjoy and watch it while snuggling under blankets. After the movie, we head up to bed and since this is a PG rated blog, we go to sleep.

The only thing missing from my fantasy day is finishing some big project that has been looming over my head. The only way to make that happen is to make my day longer than 24 hours. Or – get this – have a fantasy WEEKEND. That way, I can fit it all in. With any extra time I can get my nails done and maybe even fit in a massage. Think of the possibilities!