I am not about “The Day”. I don’t need to celebrate a holiday, anniversary or birthday on the exact day. I think once you stop believing in Santa and the Easter bunny, holidays become just another day. With everyone’s busy schedules, it is not always possible to get together on “The Day”.

Sunday was Mother’s Day. As tradition suggests, Mom is supposed to be treated to breakfast in bed and get heartfelt gifts from the children she selflessly carried for nine months. She will not have to lift a finger all day. Someone else will clean the dishes, take care of the pets and pack the car for whatever adventure they have planned for the day. (They will also unpack the car and put everything away when they return.) After 24 hours of pampering, life returns to normal and “The Day” is over.

I have never liked that idea. Twenty-four hours once a year? That is all the pampering Mom is worth? Maybe pampering is not the right word. Appreciation? Better.

Because of our schedule, we could not have a 24 hour Mother’s Day event. My family stretched it over three days. Friday night my husband and I had a date night. (Isn’t that how the whole Mother-thing starts?) We ate at our favorite restaurant and then strolled by the Riverwalk holding hands.  We were home by 9:30 so we could get up early for the next day.

Saturday morning my son had a soccer game across town and we had to be on the field at 8:45. His team has had a rough year and lost most games by one goal. My son is goalie so the only goal shots he sees are the ones coming at him. In the 2nd half of the game he played midfield. In honor of Mother’s Day (at least that is how I am telling it) he scored a goal. It was very exciting and I had a smile that went from ear to ear! His team won the game, 2 to 0.

After the game, we went on to the rest of our Saturday routines. I worked and then ran to the store for last minute items for the Mother’s Day breakfast with my mom and grandmother planned for the next day. When my husband was done coaching my daughter’s softball practice and I got home from the store, the whole family went to the mall to buy my Mother’s Day gifts. It was a fun way to spend the afternoon and we were all in good spirits.

Some might not like to see their gifts ahead of time but I think it is a lot more practical. I picked everything I wanted. I tried clothes on at the store so there were no returns. No one had to wrap anything when we got home and I didn’t have to get up any earlier on Sunday to open gifts.

You see, I didn’t get to sleep in on Sunday for Mother’s Day. As I said, my own mother was coming over and I had to clean my house and start preparing breakfast. After breakfast, my husband and I cleaned the dishes and put the house back together. How do you host without lifting a finger? It can’t be done.

After they left, it was back to life as we know it. I took my son to soccer practice. My daughters hung out with friends in the yard. I worked on my writing class assignment. My oldest daughter wrote something sweet on my Facebook page. My middle daughter bought ice cream from the ice cream man for her siblings with her own money. My son gave me a hug for no reason. My husband cooked dinner after mowing the lawn. We all watched TV together at the end of the night.

My Mother’s Day was not about “The Day”. For me, it was about the moments. Motherhood is not about a perfect 24 hour period. It is about several good moments over the course of a lifetime.