It has been over three months since I last posted in my blog and I decided to shake off some of the cob webs with a post of gratitude. In the quiet early morning hours, I started to think about all the things I had to be thankful for. For me, it goes beyond the basics I often take for granted –  the roof over my head and the food on my plate. I am most grateful for the gifts received and journeys taken that allow me to live under this particular roof and enjoy my time with the people who make my house a home.

▪ For my husband’s support with the kids, our house and my job. He is my rock.

▪ For the many gifts God has given me and especially for the ones that I did not know were gifts.

▪ For the hard work ethic that I learned as a child, that I share with my husband and that we are teaching to our children.

▪ For my health and the health of my family, for with that, anything is possible.

▪ For all the shoulders I cried on and ears that I bent. You know who you are.

▪ For the times when my dogs bark during the night, knowing they are protecting us when we are most vulnerable.

▪ For the nights when my son wants to snuggle with me in front of the TV. It is no longer an every day occurence.

▪ For the determination that I see in my daughters when they are going after something they really want. They are both strong young women.

▪ For the cold nights when my cat inches closer to me. The shared comfort and warmth makes us both sleep better.

▪ For a long to-do list and a full email box because I know I am still needed.

▪ For the kindness of strangers that have crossed my path.

▪ For the dreams my husband and I realized together and for our long list of dreams still waiting to become a reality.

▪ For the mistakes I have made along the way. It has been the best education I have ever received.

▪ For the stories and secrets that my daughters trust me with. May they always know they can come to me.

▪ For the ability to get back up when I am down.

▪ For the confidence my kids display on the stage, the field or the court. It will take them far in life.

▪ For the drive that pushes me to try things outside of my comfort zone.

▪ For the people who tell me it can’t be done. I enjoy proving them wrong.

▪ For the reminders that I am aging so I don’t waste a single day.

▪ For the sunrise each morning. No matter how bad today was, I know tomorrow is an opportunity to start over.

▪ For the rare one-on-one time I get to spend with each of my kids and the knowledge that they enjoy our precious time as much as I do.

▪ For the entrepreneurial spirit passed down from my grandfather and my dad. It is a thrill to see something grow from an idea to a thriving business.

▪ For the ability to express myself through my words and the hope that it  makes a difference in someone’s day.

▪ For the curiosity that encourages me to seek the answers to “What if?”

▪ For the desire to live up to the next challenge.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! May you all live by the blessings you have been given.