Yesterday was a rare day with no kid activities after school or in the evening. My husband arrived home from a trip and offered to make dinner. All of the kids had homework and after a quick snack, everyone went to their rooms to work on it. What was I going to do with myself? The laundry was done and so were the dishes. I was caught up on my email and nothing was happening on Facebook. Sadly, I gave up Pinterest for Lent so that was not an option. And then I remembered – my blog.

I know I have neglected my blog. Having a free afternoon gave me the opportunity to look over some of the things I wrote over the past few years. Wow! I didn’t realize how much I missed it. I forgot about some of those crazy moments and enjoyed reading about them again. I used to write regularly, but then I just stopped. What happened to me?

I am still writing – just not blog posts. I write every morning before my day gets started, but this time I am getting paid to write. For those of you that don’t know, I have been writing for regional parenting publications. My work has been published 46 times in over two dozen magazines in the US and Canada since October. It has been a thrilling time as I am writing, submitting, networking and learning as I go!

But even with my exciting new adventure, I still miss my blog. I can’t tell you how many times I encountered something in my life in these past few months and thought, “That would make a great blog post.”

It was my blog that pushed me to submit some of my work. I got a lot of encouragement from my readers over the past couple of years. I remember one moment in particular. I was standing in the elementary school gym, talking with a few other moms. It was a school carnival and my son dashed back and forth from the games to bring me his prizes to hold. While I was talking, one of the moms said how much she enjoyed my blog post that day. The other mom chimed in that she read it too, and they discussed it for a couple of minutes. A third mom walked by and overheard us talking. She stopped and said, “Pam’s blog? I love reading it.” I was so touched to have these women say such nice things about my writing. I read the stats on my blog, but I never realized that so many people read my posts on a regular basis. The women went on to say that I should try to get some of my work published. At the time, I shrugged them off, thinking there was no way that was going to happen. But it was too late. The seed was already planted. (Thank you, Nina and Shannon. You may not remember that moment, but it is one that I will never forget.)

Sadly, after that, my blog(s) took a backseat to my article writing. (In addition to this blog, I have a food blog at After reading my old posts yesterday, I made a decision. In the words of Elwood Blues, “I am putting the band back together.” As I said, I have so much fodder for this blog as a suburban working mom and I love to share the recipes on my food blog. I am going to make an effort to post at least once a week in each blog, so keep an eye out for it. If you don’t already do so, you can follow my blog(s) via email, Facebook or Twitter. Feel free to leave a comment. You never know how your words can change the course of someone’s life.


On Friday night, we took the kids to see Secretariat. Over the summer we visited Churchill Downs, where the Kentucky Derby is held. We got to visit with a horse that was Secretariat’s great-grandson, see the track and stands, walk around the grounds and tour the museum. The kids were really anxious to see this movie.

I am not spoiling the movie by telling you that Secretariat won the Triple Crown and set not only track, but World Records doing it. He was truly an amazing horse.

What I found more amazing was his owner, Penny Chenery Tweedy. At 46 years old, she is called at her home in Colorado to take care of her father’s failing horse breeding farm in Virginia. She had four kids at home and traveled back and forth across the country while living two lives. She came up with a crazy idea to race a horse that wasn’t even born yet and save the farm.

In the early 1970’s she was entering a world dominated by men. They all looked at her as some housewife who didn’t know what she was doing. However, over the next several years, she managed a 2800 acre farm in Virginia, and raised a champion horse, all while trying to be there for her kids needs in Colorado. She made deals with the devil, promising Secretariat would be the next Triple Crown winner in order to get money selling breeding rights and keep the farm going. Imagine everyone’s surprise when she was right!

I admire Penny Chenery for her determination, her passion, and her dreams. She found the balance between being a mom and having a career. She had the best of both worlds.

My family gave the movie two thumbs up. You can read more about Secretariat and Penny Chenery’s life at Check it out for yourself!